Success Story: Camden Veterinary Clinic Shares Their Secret for Stress-free Client Communication

Veterinary clinics can’t afford to overlook client communication and engagement — but for busy teams, providing every client with the information they need can be a challenge.

Few people know that better than Yarleen Rodriguez, whose 27-year career in the veterinary industry has led her to a practice manager position at Camden Veterinary Clinic in Saint Marys, Georgia.

“We’re a one-doctor practice, and we offer several services under one roof,” Yarleen said. “We do routine care, preventative care, surgery, boarding, grooming, and more.”

In this busy environment, finding ways to communicate information to clients — without distracting from other critical tasks — is key.

That’s why Flow, the client communication and workflow management platform from Otto, plays a crucial role in the clinic’s daily operations.

Learn how Flow by Otto can support stress-free client communication at your clinic.

Flow empowers Camden Veterinary Clinic to create set-it-and-forget-it messaging that automatically responds to clients when they seek routine information. For example, Flow’s website widget is set up to handle appointment requests and automatically deliver information to clients who inquire about grooming, boarding, and more.

“Once they visit our website, they can select whether they’re a returning client seeking an appointment, a new client seeking an appointment, or they need something else,” Yarleen said. “If they schedule an appointment, they’ll receive a date and time and confirm their availability. If they click to learn about grooming or boarding, they’ll automatically receive some details on what that looks like.”

The hands-off approach of Flow’s website widget was a critical feature for Yarleen and her team.

“We looked at another option, but it would have required a dedicated person to respond to each chat,” she said.

With Flow, that’s not an issue.

“Otto automatically sends clients the information they need,” Yarleen explained. “I don’t have to push anything out.”

And the set-it-and-forget-it messaging isn’t limited to the website widget. Flow also automatically sends critical client communications through text, including:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Pre- and post-appointment instructions
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • And much more

“It helps a lot with reducing phone traffic,” Yarleen said.

And best of all, Flow is easy to use, which is critical for veterinary teams that have little, if any, time to spare to learn new technology.

“You get the hang of it quickly,” Yarleen said. “It’s very simple to use.”

Learn how Flow by Otto can support stress-free
client communication at your clinic.