Giving veterinary clinics

Happy clients.
Healthy balance.

Giving veterinary clinics

Happy clients.
Healthy balance.

Otto is how modern veterinary clinics deliver big wins!

Otto is a comprehensive customer engagement platform that helps veterinary clinics streamline communications, improve clinic profitability, and increase customer satisfaction.

Otto Flow

  • Slash no-show appointments by 50%
  • Minimize phone call volume drastically
  • Digitize forms and send seamlessly via text

Otto Pay

  • Unlock $840/month in average savings
  • Choose convenient payment options via text or terminal
  • Ensure consistent revenue capture

Otto Care

  • Streamline veterinary care plan management
  • Boost your bottom line and patient outcomes
  • Drive treatment plan adoption and compliance economy

More than 8,000 veterinary professionals
use Otto, and they’re glad they do.

This work is our calling, and it shows.


As flexible and unique as you

Every clinic is unique and that’s a good thing. There is no one-size fits all in this industry. Don’t change what makes you great; celebrate it. Otto is built to conform to your standards of care (and not the other way around).


Industry-best integrations

Otto leads the industry with superior practice information management system integrations including, Cornerstone, Neo, AVImark, eVetPractice, ezyVet, and ImproMed. We stay ahead of the curve, always maintaining the best available PIMS integrations.

Writeback to your PIMS with complete confidence that Otto will get it right.


Unleash quality care

The lives of the pets in your care is priority #1. Otto’s got your back! We help you focus on great outcomes by driving better pet parent decisions and breaking down financial barriers.

Say hello to Care, the ultimate pet membership plan. Customize every aspect of your membership program, drive your practice’s business goals and achieve better patient outcomes.

“A knee-jerk reaction to today’s “busy-ness” might be to hire more people. If we don’t address the primary sources of burnout, we’ll never fix the problem itself—no matter how many new veterinarians or veterinary technicians we add to the workforce. Instead, we need to implement innovative and lasting approaches that harness technology, better utilize staff members, and engage our teams.”


Improve clinic profitability

Say goodbye to the payment shuffle – we’ve made collecting payments an absolute breeze. But hold onto your stethoscopes, because we’re not stopping there! Our text-to-pay or terminal options take convenience to a whole new level, giving your clients a reason to smile while they settle up. While you’re busy making fur friends healthier, our payment solutions are silently boosting your clinic’s bottom line.


This is all we do

Veterinary is all we do. We understand from firsthand experience what it’s like to manage clinics and teams. Time is precious and change is hard. Otto is the system we always wished we had — easy to understand and use, with a stacked shelf of advanced features designed for the journey ahead.

See Otto Flow in action

Book a personalized demonstration during a time that’s convenient for you to learn exactly how Otto Flow can help you and your team flourish.