A Complete Guide to Veterinary Forms

Digital veterinary forms with Otto increase efficiency within the veterinary clinics that use them. In 2021 client care representatives are overwhelmed with phone calls, veterinary technicians spend a lot of their time shuffling around clipboards with pen and paper forms, and veterinarians spend more time on the phone than with their patients.

On average, veterinary clinics across the country are seeing 25% more patients than before the pandemic and demand is still growing. At the same time, these clinics are experiencing a higher level of client and staff dissatisfaction.

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This is due to the inefficiencies that accompany current workflow protocols. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for your clinic. 

With digital veterinary forms, veterinary clinics can increase their efficiency, quality of medicine, and employee job satisfaction. Continue reading below to find out the benefits of vet clinic forms. 

1) Increase Efficiency

One of the biggest inefficiencies for veterinary clinics today is the intake process, which involves some variation of the following:

A client calls or texts upon arrival, the client care representative checks them in on the practice management software, the veterinary nurse retrieves the patient, and the veterinarian begins their exam. 

This doesn’t include the numerous back-and-forth phone calls the doctor and staff make to the client, the various forms prepared before and during the appointment, and the details and treatments during the exam itself. 

With digital veterinary forms, pet parents can provide all needed information prior to arrival at the clinic. These forms also benefit pet parents by allowing them to record their concerns and requests in an easy-to-understand format. 

Many pet parents feel disconnected from their pet’s care. These individuals appreciate feeling more involved without taking up as much of the veterinarian’s valuable time. 

Since pet parents are experiencing numerous stressors in regard to their pet’s care, veterinary professionals aim to minimize their vet-related stressors as much as possible. 

Plus, our practice management integration allows this information to go seamlessly into the medical record, making it easily accessible during the appointment. 

This eliminates wait times and minimizes the time spent on patient intake. As an added bonus, you can create automated forms whenever an appointment is made. 

After the appointment, invoice forms are sent directly to the client who can then make their payment immediately.

2) Go Paperless

Many veterinary clinics reduced the number of paper transactions since the beginning of COVID-19, including cash payments and paper forms. This was due to the desire to minimize the risk of transmission as well as the inefficiencies involved with paper forms. Now that clinics are opening back up, both vet teams and pet parents alike show a preference for continuing this paperless practice.

Vet clinic forms through Otto are completely paperless. This means no more time spent taking forms out to clients and waiting for them to complete them. It also means less risk of losing important documents. 

Switching to digital veterinary forms is good for veterinary practice and the environment. 

3) Completely Customizable

Some digital forms limit you to selected templates, but not Otto vet clinic forms. You have the ability to decide what your clinic needs and tailor your forms to those needs. 

Whether you want customized veterinary intake forms, invoice forms, or client satisfaction surveys, we can help you create what you need. 

4) Provide Better Medicine

A significant portion of the appointment is spent checking clients in, ensuring all needed information is in the chart and waiting for the client to answer the phone. This is time that should be spent on providing the best patient care possible. 

The shift to digital veterinary forms allows veterinary clinics to spend more time on their patients and their medical decisions and less time on the inconveniences related to outdated workflows.

5) Reduce Phone Traffic

Along with the drastic increase in demand for veterinary care, clinics are experiencing increased phone traffic as well.

For smaller clinics with limited phone lines, this means frustrated clients who are unable to reach your office. For larger clinics and hospitals, this means overwhelmed staff and higher turnover. 

With Otto, not only can your team send digital forms immediately, clients can utilize easy 1-click check-ins from their care and veterinarians can text directly with the client during the appointment. 

6) Less Apps

While several resources exist to ease the difficulties accompanying curbside appointments, few are as comprehensive as the forms through Otto. Many clinics are stuck using multiple platforms for check-in, scheduling, forms, and invoicing. 

This is expensive for clinic owners, cumbersome for staff, and often confusing for clients. With Otto’s all-in-one platform and practice management integration, you can easily access all of these tools in a single location. 

How to Get Started

Getting started with Otto forms is easy. Start by chatting with one of our specialists and scheduling a walk-through to see how we can help your clinic and veterinary team reach their goals. 

Book your free demo to see the benefits of our forms and other resources for yourself. Once you’re ready to make the transition, a named Clinic Success Manager will guide you through the onboarding process and provide support whenever you need it.

Start Using Digital Veterinary Forms

Veterinary clinic forms can ease the challenges arising from outdated and unorganized workflows that don’t allow your clinic to be plagued with inefficiencies, dissatisfied clients, and high turnover rates.

Start your transition to digital veterinary forms to set up your clinic for success now and into the future. You and your staff will feel confident to handle the drastic increase in demand for your clinic’s services without the overwhelming chaos caused by inefficiency. 

Get started with our online forms and see
what other great resources we offer.