All for the Love of the Job

Why vets love their job, even during the hard days

Let’s face it, the idea of being a vet has intrigued most people at some point in their life. While there are definitely some struggles — long hours, underappreciation, and the challenges of seeing a sick pet, to name a few — there’s also the joy and gratification that come from working in the veterinary field. Getting to spend all day with animals? Being the person who helps a family’s pet back to health? Sounds like a job anyone would want to have.

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In this article, two veterinarians explain what they love about their jobs and why, even after a tough day, they keep coming back.

Spending time with animals

According to Sabrina Kong, DVM, Veterinarian at We Love Doodles, “The best part of working in the veterinary industry is that you get to spend most of your time hanging out with all sorts of cute animals, which, at least in my particular case, keeps me in a great mood at all times.”

That doesn’t come as a surprise considering it’s a well-known fact that animals increase people’s moods. They help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, so spending your whole day with them can certainly put a smile on your face.

Providing support when it’s needed most

As an emergency veterinarian, Paul Simons, DVM, Staff Veterinary Consultant at K9 of Mine, provides a different perspective than a general practitioner.

“My favorite aspect of the job is supporting people and their pets during their times of need. People think that veterinarians only love animals, and that simply is not true. We spend just as much time supporting our clients through tough decisions or times of crisis. My goal is to always make sure my clients feel empowered and educated,” says Dr. Simons.

Loving the people as much as you love their pets will ensure the best client and practitioner relationships. Making your clients feel as important as their pets will give them a sense of relief in what can be a challenging time.

Being a vet can be an extremely stressful job, but it is also gratifying. Reminding yourself of the things you love and why you got into the career can help you move forward, even on the toughest days.

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