Uncharted Veterinary Podcast:
What Is Our New Normal?

There is no going back… what is our “new” normal?

On this week’s episode of the podcast, Dr. Andy Roark and Practice Manager Stephanie Goss are joined by Dr. Jennifer Quammen, the Chief Veterinary Officer from Otto and they are talking about a few of the things that we are actually excited to keep in our lives after curbside service transitions into its next phase in veterinary medicine.


  • Our veterinary teams showed more teamwork during curbside. We were short-handed often so we all learned different jobs we never had to do before.
  • We are more prepared. Taking medical histories ahead of time leads to more thorough histories because the DVM can zoom in on the things that are really important, concerning to the owner and/or concerning to them.
  • We’ve seen better behaving patients. They don’t pick up on parental anxieties so we found that pets are more calm, more often with curbside service!
  • There are less “chefs” in the kitchen. When we had 3 people come in for an exam before, we had to sort through all the voices/concerns. Now we usually are dealing with 1 pet owner on the phone or we can teleconference with people who we need in the exam room but previously wouldn’t have been able to be there (teenager brings in patient but mom is at work).