The Impact of Millennials on Veterinarian Teams

Millennials make up a higher percentage of pet owners than any other generation.
Here’s what you need to know to succeed with this demographic.

There are approximately 92 million millennials in the world right now. This makes them the largest generation, surpassing baby boomers. 

According to The Zebra, “At least 37 million millennials have pets.” At 32% of the pet owner population, millennials make up a higher percentage of pet owners than any other generation.

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In addition to being the largest demographic of pet owners, millennials are also some of the most devoted pet owners you will come across. According to Consumer Affairs:

  • 57% of millennials love their pet more than their sibling. 
  • 1 in 4 millennials would be willing to sell their car to afford a lifesaving procedure for their pet. 

And many have the income needed to provide the best possible care for their pets. According to Statista, “The disposable income of a household led by a millennial in the United States was 84,563 U.S. dollars per year.” 

Put simply: Most millennials own pets, they care deeply about those pets, and they’re willing to spend money to keep them as healthy as possible. 

To succeed as a veterinary clinic moving forward, you must appeal to millennials — and that starts with effective communication. Millennials prefer a modern approach to communication that prioritizes convenience. 

Here’s what that means for you: 

Develop an online presence
If you want to attract millennials to your clinic, there’s no better place to start than by focusing on your online presence. Nearly 100% of millennials use the internet daily, either on social media, emails, or web browsing. The internet is important to them, and having a positive online presence is crucial to making a good first impression. 

That means creating a website that’s easy to understand and navigate (and allows visitors to request appointments and information). 

It also means being active on social media.  Having an active presence on social media is a quick way to gain the attention of new clients. 86% of millennials use social media every day, and many evaluate businesses by viewing their social media presence after their initial research via Google. Actively posting, responding, and interacting on your page will help expand your reach with the millennial demographic and better interact with them inside and outside the clinic. 

Embrace text messaging
75% of millennials prefer texting over talking. Text messaging allows your clients to communicate when and where it’s most convenient for them. Instead of carving out time to have a conversation, they can send questions and responses and read important updates as they go about their daily routine. 

Text message communication is also the most effective way to send out appointment reminders, payment options, and digital forms. In fact, text messages have an open rate of 99%, with 97% being read within the first 15 minutes of receipt. 

If you want to take further advantage of millennials’ obsession with their phones, offer a downloadable app. 93% of millennials own a smartphone, and offering an app will provide them with a quick and easy way to communicate with your clinic and access their pet’s information. 

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