Workflows That Are Good for Patients, Pet Owners, and Practice Profitability

Flow by Otto boosts efficiency and improves employee satisfaction to reduce turnover and boost profitability

While revenue is good–profitability is better. Flow supercharges the productivity of veterinary teams by connecting customer service reps and clinical staff in unprecedented ways.

Flow is the all-in-one platform that streamlines scheduling, communication, and payments to take the pain of redundant, manual tasks off your team. The result? More time to provide clinical care. Less time spent on the phone. Increased employee satisfaction (and retention). These results combined have a major impact on clinic profits.

Flow is automating over 1 million tasks and 7 million texts per year to relieve workflow burdens from veterinary teams around the country:


Appointments increased 6%1 from 2019 to 2020. Clinics who implemented Flow experienced a 70% reduction in call volume, despite increased appointments.


Veterinary practices have an average turnover rate of 23% per year. Flow’s automated workflows keep your most critical processes running, keeping profitability high.

Flow automates many tasks that would have previously required staff training. This makes new staff on-boarding easier.

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Let your team do the work they love, let Flow by Otto handle the rest.