How to Increase Client Satisfaction in Your Clinic

Client satisfaction should be at the forefront of your clinic’s plan when it comes to running a successful business. MWI Animal Health states, “People take pet healthcare very seriously, and the quality of their pet’s treatment has a major impact on their satisfaction rates, referrals, reviews, and, ultimately, choice in veterinary practices. Client satisfaction is one of the important performance metrics when it comes to a veterinary practice.”

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This guide is dedicated to helping your clinic increase client satisfaction and, in turn, the success and growth of your business. Below, we have outlined key areas to focus on to improve client satisfaction.

Client and patient care

Showing you care for your patients and their owners from the moment they walk into the clinic will leave a lasting impression. People always say first impressions are everything… because they are. Whether you are talking to a client in person or on the phone, you should train your receptionists to extend a warm welcome and make the client feel as comfortable as possible.

Another reliable way to make a good impression is to acknowledge the owner and pet by name when they enter your clinic. Nothing makes a client feel more validated and important than being addressed by their name. If you want to help your receptionists remember names, attach a photo of the pet to the folder after their first visit.

When clients leave their pets at the clinic for any reason, they have nothing to do but worry. Sending a picture of their animal during a visit or recovery will help ease the client’s mind. This will help their relationship with the clinic as they will see what good hands their furry friend is in.

After a successful first appointment, your clinic should aim to have the client and their animal return regularly. Offering a complimentary service for their following appointment is an excellent way to keep people coming back. It does not have to be anything overly large. But offering a free nail trim, ear cleaning, or an item the pet owner will enjoy will encourage them to return.

Spending those few extra moments with a client — actively smiling, listening, and interacting will let them know that they are more than just a time slot in your day. They’re a patient you care for and value.

Clinic efficiency

One of the biggest complaints clients have is how long it takes for their phone calls to get answered or their pets to be seen. This can cause clients to become agitated and on edge. Actively improving the efficiency of your clinic through up-to-date technology and streamlined processes will go a long way toward improving the client experience.

Technology is also starting to impact workload management inside veterinary clinics. Solutions like Flow by Televet are designed to help increase the functionality of your clinic while decreasing the amount of time clients spend checking in/out, waiting on the phone, and more. Flow provides services that allow your patients to schedule appointments online, fill out paperwork, and even pay for their visit on the go. Leaning into this technology will help you increase your business without compromising quality of care.

Clinic response

Working in the veterinary field comes with many stressful tasks, including responding to online reviews. This is a hefty burden as people on the internet can be ruthless. Trying to answer reviews in a cool, calm, and professional manner takes a delicate touch.

Veterinary medicine opens the door for clients to leave poor reviews online to vent frustrations from an emotionally high or misinterpreted situation. Having a game plan for responding to these reviews is crucial to maintaining a positive client relationship and enticing potential new clients.

Remember to stay calm and keep a neutral tone when responding to these claims. You want to avoid engaging in a heated debate. Getting drawn into a back-and-forth argument of who did what will only gain your clinic unwanted negative attention. Instead, try to respond by showing empathy and offering a resolution that will work for you and the client. This will show the client that you care about their frustrations and want to work with them to find a fix. It will also show potential new clients that you have a client satisfaction forward mindset.

Clinic transparency

It’s no secret that the veterinary field can be costly and highly emotional. Having transparency from the get-go with clients can be huge for your client satisfaction and the success of your business.

Cost is a significant stress factor for clients and can be a touchy but essential aspect of client satisfaction. Owning a pet is no cheap venture; letting your clients know an estimated cost from the beginning will help your clients feel at ease.

The most important thing you can do for your clients is to spell out the costs of your services. It’s also vital to ensure they know what pet insurance covers and what the client will need to cover. Some clinics offer payment plans, and if that is something you offer, let them know. The biggest thing is avoiding surprising them with any expenses they weren’t planning on having.

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