Announcing the Otto Client Satisfaction Survey

Otto customers have happier clients. How about your clinic?

Nothing matters more than keeping your patients healthy and your clients happy, so we’re introducing a new client feedback feature in your Otto Flow platform to help your team provide an excellent customer experience with each appointment.

The Otto Client Satisfaction score will be rolled out to all clients at no extra cost to you.

How it Works

When you close out an appointment in Otto, your client will receive via email inviting them to provide feedback on their visit by answering one question: “How would you rate your most recent interaction with [Your Clinic Name]?” on a 5-star scale.   Clients have the option of adding additional comments. Their score will be recorded and delivered to you immediately via Otto Flow.

You will see your ratings as they come in. Positive reviews can be added to your online rating service for greater visibility. You can flag poor reviews for immediate follow-up and corrective action.  Since this question will be asked of clients across the entire Otto customer network, you will be able to compare your scores to those of other clinics like you. This will help you find and fix areas of opportunity, and show off your great scores!


  • Have happier clients:  Research has shown that asking for feedback makes customers feel heard. It’s also fast and easy for your clients to reply, so they won’t feel burdened by your request.
  • Get honest feedback:  Clients will reply shortly after an appointment when their experience is fresh in their minds.
  • Build your online review scores:  You will have the option to ask clients who provide a great score to easily submit a review to Google, Yelp or other review sites of your choice. It’s a great way to boost your scores.
  • Quickly address client problems: if you do have an angry or unhappy customer, you will learn of it right away so you can address the issue immediately.  
  • See how you compare: How do you know your rating is good or not? Are you getting the most out of your Otto account? You will be able to see how your clinic compares to all other Otto clinics like you. The Otto satisfaction index is made up of all responses across all Otto clinics. Note that nobody besides you and your staff will be able to see your clinic’s results.
  • Lower staff stress: Happier customers make for happier staff. It means smoother interactions, fewer angry calls, and more consistent visits for healthier pets.


  • All Otto member clinic patients will answer the same industry-standard customer satisfaction question, proven to be both easy and accurate. By standardizing the question, you can see your scores compared to your peers. 
  • Using a “five-star” rating system means the results we gather can easily be passed along to your rating platform of choice. 
  • Unlike an NPS (Net Promoter Score) survey, a customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) asks the client to provide feedback-specific interaction, rather than your clinic as a whole. You can then take very specific action on issues and areas of improvement that you may not pick up through the NPS.
  • Customers will receive one survey request per treatment, delivered strategically via email, chat, or the Otto app. Our goal is to get a good and honest response but not burden your customers. 
  • You will receive alerts and notifications when reviews come in so you can share the positive ones and address the not-so-positive ones right away.  You will be able to view your scores in real-time via the web.
  • The survey will be “Always On” meaning you can track your customer satisfaction over time.
  • Your customers’ responses are private and only visible to you and your staff.  The results will be added to the Otto index such that they remain anonymous and cannot be tracked back to you.

Next Steps

The Otto Customer Satisfaction feature will be automatically enabled for you and all customers in the next 4 weeks.

If you have questions, concerns, or do not want to take advantage of this service, please contact your Otto clinic success manager by September 30, 2021.  

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