Otto Announces New PIMS
Integration with ezyVet

“A few themes drive every facet of what I do: How do we move this profession forward? How do we encourage wellness? How do we deliver better veterinary care? How do we help more patients?” Dr. Quammen said. “That’s true in my position at Otto, my volunteer work with AVMA, and everything else I do.”

Asking those questions throughout her career has helped her hone her vision for the industry as a whole — a vision that focuses on five key points:

  • Encouraging well-being.
  • Making better use of technology.
  • Viewing animal health holistically.
  • Expanding the role of veterinary technicians.
  • Being more environmentally friendly.

Here’s what she has to say about each point:

Televet + ezyVet Integration

At Otto, we are focused on making the lives of Veterinarians as stress-free as can be through simple and streamlined Telemedicine solutions designed specifically for veterinarians, working in vet clinics of all sizes.

We are excited to announce the details of our partnership with ezyVet, an industry leader in cloud-based Practice Management Information Software (PIMS) providers.

Through this integration, you will now be able to conduct revenue-producing Telemedicine consultations for general treatment and follow-ups all within your ezyVet dashboard.

How Otto and ezyVet work together

In a few clicks, you can set up a telemedicine or curbside consultation while providing the same level of quality care of traditional in-clinic visits. You can see your patients virtually for specific cases such as dermatology appointments, surgical follow-up, curbside appointments, and more — all synched directly to your ezyVet dashboard.

By using Televet as your telemedicine service provider, you can also ensure that your clinic receives:

  • Protection of Private information
  • Accurate medical record integrations
  • Payment capture for general advice/follow-ups
  • Easy scheduling tools that avoid off-the-clock consultations
  • Streamlined and flexible features that enhance your existing staff workflows for both slow days and busy days
  • A dedicated clinic support team that will help you manage your existing patients and triage new clients
Otto vs. Zoom
  • Safety and security: While anyone can join a shared Zoom link, meetings occurring through Otto are always secure and private between just the pet owner and the veterinarian.
  • Maintain the connection: Zooms systems are prone to failures and fluctuations in reliability, Otto provides consistent stability allowing you to clearly communicate when needed.
  • Keep your options open: Not every situation calls for a video call. ~20% of Otto consultations can be resolved through text functions on the Otto platform. Otto provides the flexibility to switch between video, text, and phone calls, all tied to the same consultation log.
  • Easily access your notes: When using Zoom, any notes you take then need to be entered separately into your PIMS after the fact, robbing you of valuable time. Otto keeps record of your notes, videos, photos, or instructions sent back and forth with the pet owner within the consultation log, allowing you to move on to the next order of business.
  • Beyond video chat: Zoom is created for video conferencing, and not much else. A robust telemedicine platform, like Otto, provides all the tools necessary to conduct a complete and effective revenue-producing veterinary consultation.

How to invite clients from ezyVet

When creating a consultation for a client from within the Otto platform you can now lookup clients within ezyVet using the client name. In the email invite for the consultation (pictured above), a custom link will be provided that automatically pulls in all of the client and patient information, making setting up the account a breeze. Most of the client accounts will already be set up for them ahead of time. The only thing the client needs to provide is a password of their choosing and payment information.

Sync Otto appointments with ezyVet

After scheduling a virtual consultation appointment in Otto, you will be able to copy that appointment over to ezyVet to track the appointment within both systems. The appointment will be sent to ezyVet and will be available in your dashboard.

In the timeline card you will see an option to “Send to ezyVet”.

If you’d like to read more on our integration with ezyVet, head to our Intercom article where we list the full integration details.

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