Revolutionizing Veterinary Care: How Automation is Changing the Game

The importance of technology in the veterinary industry and why clinics need to embrace automation

Automations are becoming increasingly important in vet clinics for a number of reasons. They help streamline repetitive tasks and free up time for veterinarians and staff to focus on providing high-quality patient care. By embracing automation, vet clinics can improve their operations and provide better patient care.

Automation is defined as the use of technology to perform tasks where human input is minimized.

Animal Health Innovations states, “It’s more important than ever for veterinary practices to adopt automated solutions to stay competitive.”

This blog will go over the top tasks your clinic should automate to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible while providing top-of-the-line care for your patients. These tasks include:

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Client communication

Automated client communication is a valuable tool for vet clinics because it helps improve the overall client experience. The ability to virtually communicate with clients through texting and pet portals has become increasingly important in the vet industry. Communicating with clients in real time has become essential to pet care.

Textline notes, “[Text messaging and pet portals] can help the logistics for your front-of-the-office staff, and it can help improve the experience for your patients and customers as well.”

Text messaging allows clinics to quickly and easily send appointment reminders, answer client questions, and share updates on their pet’s health. Pet portals, on the other hand, provide a secure platform for clients to access their pet’s medical records, request prescription refills, and schedule appointments.

The ability to virtually communicate with clients through texting and pet portals has become a vital component of modern veterinary care and increases the loyalty pet parents have to your clinic.

Appointment scheduling

Automated appointment scheduling and reminders are crucial for vet clinics because they help improve scheduling efficiency and reduce no-shows. With automated scheduling, clients can easily book appointments online or through a mobile app, freeing up staff time and reducing the potential for errors in manually scheduling appointments.

A survey conducted by VetPort showed that at least 20% of pet owners do not show up for the check-up on time. And this number may go up to 75% depending on the location of the pet clinic, the demographic of pet owners, and reputation of the clinic.

Clinics can send automated appointment reminders to clients via email, text message, or phone call, which helps ensure clients show up for their appointments on time. This not only improves client satisfaction but also helps clinics manage their schedules and reduce lost revenue from missed appointments.

By embracing automated appointment scheduling and reminders, vet clinics can provide a more convenient and reliable service to their clients while improving operational efficiency.

Billing and payment processing

Automated billing and payment processing can provide several benefits to vet clinics. It can help to reduce errors and streamline administrative tasks, freeing up staff to focus on other important aspects of running the clinic without the worry that payments are falling through.

Many practices experience payment processing bottlenecks during high-traffic times, such as surgical discharge. New technology, such as Payments by Otto, enables practices to collect payment via text before surgical pickup.

Automating this task will also improve customer satisfaction by providing clients with a convenient and efficient way to make payments and manage their accounts. Your clients will also appreciate having an automated option over a mail-in option. Automatic billing and payment processing can improve vet clinics’ efficiency, accuracy, and customer service, leading to improved financial performance and better patient care.

Digital forms

Implementing digital forms in a veterinary clinic can benefit staff and patients. Digital forms eliminate the need for paper-based records, making the process more environmentally friendly and reducing clutter in the clinic.

Vet Radar notes, “Managing paper medical records is a pain. Staff have to physically track down files in order to read them, documents can’t be accessed remotely, and it’s not uncommon for records to go missing or be filed incorrectly. Access issues can contribute to operational bottlenecks that may impact patient health as well as the overall efficiency of your practice.”

Digital forms can streamline administrative tasks by reducing data entry errors, saving time, and reducing the workload for staff. Additionally, patients can complete digital forms remotely, reducing the clinic wait time for in-person visits and providing more convenience for your patients.

This can be particularly helpful for patients who may have mobility issues or live far away from the clinic. Digital forms are a valuable investment for any clinic looking to improve its operations.

Prescription refill requests

Automating prescription refill requests in a veterinary clinic can greatly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of medication management for patients. By implementing an automated system, veterinarians and their staff can easily handle prescription requests, generate timely reminders for refill requests, and maintain real-time tracking of medication inventory.

This automated approach reduces errors and enhances patient safety while simultaneously freeing up valuable staff time for other important tasks. Pet owners will appreciate the convenience of being able to request prescription refills for their pets without the need to physically visit the clinic.

Otto Flow allows patients to send prescription refill requests through our software to help alleviate the time and effort to get their pet the medication they need.

An automated system can provide valuable data and analytics that inform clinical decision-making and help identify areas for improvement in the medication management process. By automating prescription refill requests, veterinary clinics can significantly enhance patient care and streamline their overall operations.

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