Client Compliance Making You Crazy?

Flow by Otto automates client communication to turn client woes into wins

Tired of dealing with appointment no-shows? How about wellness exams where fecal samples are forgotten? Maybe you’ve had it with pets not getting their prescribed medications?

Stop stressing! Flow by Otto automates appointment booking, pre-visit communication, and post- exam notifications to surprise and delight clients (and give your team a breather). Communication is delivered via both text and email to catch pet owners where they prefer to communicate.

Flow is automating over 7 million texts per year to increase the quality, and quantity of pet owner communication:


83% of millennials expect a follow-up call or text within 48 hours after a visit.1 Flow automates critical touchpoints and improves both pet owner satisfaction, and compliance with your plan of care.


57% of millennials prefer text message appointment reminders.1 Deliver critical pre-appointment information with Flow (including reminders to bring fecal samples).


According to studies, it takes 7 touches to retain a message. You don’t have time to tell clients the same things 7 times–but Flow does.

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Let your team do the work they love, let Flow by Otto handle the rest.