You’ve Got a Lot on Your Plate,
Let Flow Help Lighten the Load

Flow by Otto is here to shoulder some of the burden so you can breathe easier

It’s no secret that burnout is a major problem in veterinary medicine. We know the mental toll of burnout is real, and a recent study in Frontiers in Veterinary Science put an economic figure to it. The study estimated that $1-2 billion dollars are lost annually from burnout.1

Flow is ready to take the crush of manual communication tasks off your team. Flow is the all-in-one platform that streamlines scheduling, communication, and payments to give your staff room to recharge.

Flow is automating over 1 million tasks and 7 million texts per year
to relieve workflow burdens from veterinary teams around the country:


Appointments increased 6%1 from 2019 to 2020. Clinics who implemented Flow experienced a 70% reduction in call volume, despite increased appointments.

Flow delivers timely, proactive communication to proactively answer pet owner questions and concerns. This creates happier, more informed clients who have better interactions with your team.

Automated surveys allow pet owners to provide feedback in a private place instead of sharing their thoughts on social media.

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Let your team do the work they love, let Flow
by Otto handle the rest.